Live Relocation of Bee Swarms & Wild Hives since 1968
Live Relocation of Bee Swarms & Wild Hives since 1968

Current Service Offering

For Property Owners or Managers:

        Humane capture of bee swarms.

o       Bees are quickly and thoroughly removed (using only no-kill methods) from their location.  They are given a new, safe, human-manageable hive.

o       The colony is carefully transported to one of several well-managed apiaries outside of Tucson.  They are put into productive service as pollinators and producers of honey, beeswax and pollen.

o       Unlike traditional “exterminators” we efficiently rescue virtually every bee.


         Humane conversion of wild hives to managed beehives.

o       Complete removal of virtually any colony that has built a hive in a building, shed, meter box or other facility.  Minimal disturbance of the colony’s function is achieved using specialized, humane methods and proprietary technologies, including the Green Bee Machine™.

o       Not only do we avoid killing bees, we ensure their hive-building activities are disturbed as little as possible on their way to a new, human-managed hive.

o       We take control of the cavity "from the inside out" (never using any poisons) to ensure the site will not be colonized by other bees in the future.  This provides the building owner with extraordinary value for the expenditure, especially compared to traditional kill-in-place methods.

         Bee-proofing of structures to preclude colonization by bees.

o       The building is surveyed and treated to

         Zone-defense of real estate to minimize the chance of colonization in large areas.

o       This includes new, state-of-the-art bait hives (AKA "Honey Bee Hotel"(TM)) which will virtually ensure that passing swarms will divert to the safe, secure bait hive instead of dwellings or outbuildings.

         Warranties on each of the above services.  Please call for details.

Please also see below, “For Public Facilities Managers and Stewards of Public Resources”


For Educators

        On-site presentations for ages K-12, including special education learners. Emphasis is on the ecology of honey bees, including the essential role bees play in the welfare of modern societies.

o       Includes glass-walled beehive in which full lifecycle is visible.

o       Includes pass-around materials, including honeycomb, pollen and stingless bees.

o       Includes take-home worksheets, games and puzzles.

         Curriculum development assistance.

         Referrals to beekeepers who can mentor aspiring beekeepers.

        Field trips to working apiaries (age 14 and older, with parental consent.)


For Beekeepers

         Domestication of aggressive colonies, including:

o       Queen bees bred for Arizona ecology. 

o       Techniques for introduction of new queens in hard-to-tame hives

         Techniques and equipment for integration of multiple, under-producing hives into fewer, highly productive hives.

o       Methods and technologies to mitigate conspecific fighting.

         Technologies and practices to greatly reduce swarming

o       Pre-swarm alert technologies.

o       Swarm-issuance alert technologies.

         Efficient swarm-capture and redeployment technologies.

         Technologies for off-season comb production.

         Technologies for extending the foraging season.

o       Enabling colonies to exploit low-yield forage resources.

o       Inducing early-rising and late-foraging behaviors to yield more productivity.

         Honey production optimization consulting and proprietary technologies.

         Pollen production optimization technologies and equipment.

         Pollination efficacy enhancement technologies.

         Early-buildup regimens to facilitate optimized field forces targeted for particular crops or hive products.

         Bee nutrition and health assessment, materials and technologies.

         Disease and parasite mitigation consulting.

         Third party dispute resolution services.

         Honey quality analyses.

         Pollination-readiness assessments, including benchmarking.

         Custom equipment design, fabrication and installation.


For Growers

         Assessment of pre-pollination colony strength.

         Evaluation of collected pollen for cross-pollination efficacy and fruit/nut set projections.

         Hive-location and re-location modeling for pollination optimization.

         Cross-pollination enhancement technologies, including first-visit pollination techniques.

         Foraging-suppression technologies for use during and after pesticide and fungicide application.

         Consulting regarding pesticide selection to reduce detrimental effects on bees.


For Public Facilities Managers and Stewards of Public Resources

        Humane relocation of problem colonies from public facilities.

o       Reducing the impact of invasive honey bee colonies that adversely affect the ecology of native hymenoptera.

o       Reducing the threat to human and animal populations. 

         Tracking and tracing services to locate colonies whose water-foraging or trashcan-robbing activities threaten the prescribed use by wildlife, recreational users or livestock.

         Consulting on bee-problem-mitigation strategies.

         Products and technologies to mitigate “bee problems” at picnic tables, trashcans, drinking fountains or other sites where bees congregate.

         Consulting and contract construction of educational, scientific or production facilities.

         Aerial and underground intervention, including humane bee removals from heights of buildings, utility poles, tall trees, caves, tunnels, bridges or similarly dangerous or hard-to-reach locations.  Vertically-competent climbers and riggers available night or day.  Government Purchase Orders welcome from city, State and Federal entities.


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