Live Relocation of Bee Swarms & Wild Hives since 1968
Live Relocation of Bee Swarms & Wild Hives since 1968

Beehive Removal

Virtually regardless of their chosen location, we find the bees and humanely remove the whole hive, ensuring (without using poisons) no future bees can live there in the future.

Bee Swarm Trapping

Reduce the chance of bees colonizing any home or business by humanely capturing and relocating passing swarms (homeless colonies) using the revolutionary Honey Bee Hotel™

Bee-Proofing Buildings

We can install permanent measures to prevent bees from occupying most any structure. Please call for into.

Expert, No-kill Capture of Swarms & Wild Hives

Removing bees from public facilities since 1968, now offering residential service in and around Tucson.

CALL (800) 211-6683, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday-through-Saturday.

Whether it is a newly-arrived swarm hanging on a tree branch or a long-established hive in an attic, we provide expert, no-kill removal.

Safe methods--never any poisons.

Bees are quickly collected by the Green Bee Machine™ for live, healthy transfer to a ranch outside Tucson.

Where necessary, honeycomb is removed from the building, per standard practices.

Ask about bee-proofing your property against future bee colonies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed -- Please Call for Full Details.

Call (800) 211-6683


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